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2nd Annual Engineering Student Project Competition

International Launch Services (ILS) participated in the 2nd Annual Engineering Student Project Competition. The event was sponsored by the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter and held at George Mason University on 26 April, 2012.

The program was well attended, with almost 100 seated chairs many were left with standing room only spaces.

The competition is designed for select engineering students to showcase their current projects; four groups were chosen to present their projects to a panel of engineers. The presenters were told to be succinct, but thorough and deliver their message in 10 minutes or less.

George Washington University (GWU) swept the competition with all three awards going to GWU students:

  • The first place winner is Brenton Duffy; his project is "Analytical and Numerical Methods for the Elliptic Restricted Three-Body Problem of Astrodynamics." In addition, Duffy is a GWU SSPI Scholarship Award recipient both this and last year.
  • The second place winner is Danielle Barsky; her project is "Examination of the Plateau-Rayleigh instability in Columns of Fluids in a Microgravity Environment." She is the other SSPI Scholarship Award recipient this year at GWU.
  • The third place winner is M. Taghiskoui; his project is "Ambient Ionization for Methane Quantification in Simulated Martian Atmosphere Using Miniature.”
  • The 3rd Annual Competition is tentative for April 2013 at the George Washington University Campus.
  • The full list of participants and judges is listed below.

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