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Baikonur Hospital Donation 2013


During launch campaigns, the mission teams are hard at work conducting operations to ensure the successful launch of the satellite. Occasionally, the teams have the opportunity to give back to the Baikonur community—their home away from home.  For example, electronic chalk boards, sound equipment and computers have been purchased and donated to local Baikonur schools. 

However, during the Sirius FM-6 launch campaign the effort began long before the campaign did.  Crispin Mendoza of SSL collected clothes, toys, and other supplies prior to coming to Baikonur for the Sirius FM-6 launch campaign.  In addition to Crispin’s efforts, a horseshoe tournament with the teams from SiriusXM, SSL, Pinkerton Security, RUAG, Khrunichev and ILS was organized with proceeds to benefit the hospital. After the multi-day horseshoe tournament the winner was … the hospital! Over 31,000 rubles or about $1000.00 US dollars was raised.

On October 16th, the mission team members, led by Mendoza, had the opportunity to tour the hospital and personally make the donation.  Children were given stuffed animals, toys and mission patches. The families and staff were extremely thankful for the generosity of the mission teams, making this a very rewarding experience for all. 

Bringing in the donations

Hospital Donation

C. Mendoza

J. Opp geting to know the children

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