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Thanksgiving Food Drive - November 2011


During the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us are able to spend time with our family and friends, enjoying a wonderful feast in a safe and comfortable environment. But not everyone is that fortunate. 

ILS and SES Donate to Baikonur School - April 2010

Date of Donation: April 24, 2010

Benefactors: ILS & SES WORLD SKIES

ILS, SES and the Baikonur school system have had a relationship spanning over a decade. There are 14 schools in Baikonur, a few of which to whom both ILS and SES have previously given donations. This particular donation was offered to the Baikonur Comprehensive School #1, which has approximately 600 students, ages 7-17. They requested two interactive white boards, projectors, and laptops. SES and ILS each provided a set.

ILS in the Community

ILS believes that we, as a company, are responsible for contributing to the communities where we operate. We put these words into action by actively engaging in projects with local non-profit and charitable organizations.

Examples of some of the recent work conducted in our community include:

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