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ILS Proton Breeze M Launch Vehicle

ILS Proton Breeze M Specifications

Performance Reference: 6.27 metric tons to GTO and 6.47 metric tons to reference SSTO at 1500 m/s delta V
Typical Mission: Approximately 9 hours utilizing a five-burn Breeze M mission design
Stages: Three-stage Proton rocket with restartable upper stage
Structure Type: Monocoque
Materials: Aluminum and composites
Propellants: Nitrogen Tetroxide (N2O4); Unsymmetrical DiMethyl Hydrazine (UDMH)
Gross Liftoff Mass: 705,000 kg (1,554,000 lb)
Total Length: 58.2 m (191 ft), with standard commercial 4.1 m diameter fairing.

The enhanced performance provided by the commercial Proton Launch Vehicle enables our customers to design and launch heavier and more capable spacecraft while maintaining cost effective mission life times.

Advantages of the ILS Proton Breeze M Launch Vehicle:

  • Restartable upper stage for mission optimization — LEO, MEO, HEO, GTO, GSO, SSTO
  • Compatible with all major commercial spacecraft platforms for dedicated single and multiple launches
  • Experience launching dual-use satellites and satellites with hosted payloads
  • Demonstrated capability to build and serve space stations

ILS Proton Breeze M Rocket Stages:

For further information on ILS Proton please see our Proton Mission Planners’ Guide (PDF) and our Proton Breeze M Brochure (PDF).

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