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April 15, 2013

We have had a successful mission with the ILS Proton M Breeze M rocket, carrying the ANIK G1 satellite built by SSL for Telesat. We have had confirmation that the satellite separated from the vehicle on schedule at 11:49 PM Eastern Time, or 3:49 AM GMT, 9 hours and 13 minutes after liftoff.

Everything occurred as planned with ignition, shutdown and separation of the Proton’s first three stages. Then the Breeze M upper stage with the Anik G1 satellite aboard continued the mission, igniting five times, and then releasing the satellite into transfer orbit.

April 15, 2013

We have confirmed that the Breeze M upper stage has successfully completed its 3rd & 4th burns, as well as jettisoning its additional propellant tank. The vehicle is now in a 5-hour coast period, during which we will have nothing to report. The 5th burn is scheduled for 11:30 PM Eastern Time, or 3:30 AM GMT. Separation of the Anik G1 spacecraft is scheduled to follow that by about 20 minutes at approimately 11:50 PM EDT or 3:50 AM GMT.

April 15, 2013

As the Breeze M upper stage of our ILS Proton M rocket continues its climb into space with the ANIK G1 satellite, we have received confirmation that the 2nd burn of the upper stage occurred and shut down as scheduled.

The next events are scheduled for about 2 hours from now. The Breeze M upper stage will ignite for a 3rd time and burn about 15 minutes; after that the additional propellant tank will be jettisoned, and the 4th burn will start. All this will happen in a span of about 20 minutes while the vehicle is again out of range of a ground station. We should reacquire the vehicle shortly after the 4th burn ends.

April 15, 2013

We have received confirmation of completion of the first burn. The vehicle is now scheduled to be out of range for about an hour, after which we will hear confirmation of the second burn

April 15, 2013

We had a successful liftoff about 9 minutes ago of our ILS Proton M Breeze M rocket, which is carrying the ANIK G1 satellite. The three stages of the Proton vehicle have performed as planned, and it is up to the Breeze M upper stage to complete the mission. The upper stage has begun its first burn, which is scheduled to last around 4 and a half  minutes.

April 15, 2013

We have liftoff! of the ILS Proton M Breeze M rocket and the ANIK G1 satellite.

April 12, 2013

Another tradition that we always observe is the time of rollout. At 6:30 am this morning, the team watched our “90 ton baby” head off to its new home at Launch Pad 39.  (At lift off the vehicle will be approximating 600 tons!!!!)

Anik G1 Spacecraft and ILS Proton on Pad 39

April 7, 2013

Keeping with tradition, the Anik G1 team members lined up to sign the PLF.  Everyone has their own way of participating, some just sign their names, and others add the names of their family members, children and/or co-workers. Several team members chose to write unique and special messages to loved ones.

Anik G1 Team Together PLF

April 5, 2013

Working at a launch site away from friends and loved ones back home can be difficult at times, but we know that the Anik G1 team is its own little family. Since we have been here we have had the great fortune to celebrate not just St. Patrick’s Day, but Easter (western holiday timeframe) together as well.

On St. Paddy’s day most of us expatriates wore green and/or tried to teach our Russian hosts the tradition. Needless to say, we were met with a lot of “Green? Why?” smiley On Easter we were treated to a visit from the Easter Bunny wearing a sombrero, and this was not the only highlight of the day; we also had an awesome Mexican feast/barbecue hosted by our SSL friends! Everyone had a great time, as we enjoyed all of the wonderful “comfort food”, some great music and a lot of laughs.

Not to be outdone the following week, the ILS team rolled up their sleeves, headed to the kitchen and prepared an authentic Indian feast. We might not have been able to source all the right ingredients, but with a little bit of creativity - a pinch here, and a pinch there -  in the end, everyone said it was delicious and just like back home (well, kind of!).

Enjoying Food and Friends

Easter Bunny


March 19, 2013

Well once again, with perseverance, warm jackets/ boots (and a little hot cocoa) the Anik G1 Team bands together and gets the job done!

It was a little “touch and go” there for a bit with the Antonov flight having similar weather delays and spending an extra 2 days in Winnipeg. But with the help of Khrunichev, SSL and many other unsung heroes, the Anik G1 satellite has been safely and successfully offloaded.

It seems the cold weather has also brought a good old fashioned “cold” virus to our team, but once again, the team has been strong and working together to make-up for lost time and getting our launch schedule back on track. Our motto: be strong, work hard, wash your hands often (and cover your cough!).

Anik G1 Arrival


Anik G1 Satellite Team

March 14, 2013

Well, Mother Nature was NOT on our side these first few days. Due to somewhat unusual snowstorms for this time of year, many of our fellow team members were stranded throughout parts of Europe. Then, as lady luck would have it, we all made it to Moscow on time for departure!

It is still bitterly cold here, but at least there is no snow in Baikonur!

Milon Welcome Back


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