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May 21, 2010
SC fueling days are very busy days for the Astrium UK Propellant Team. However, because they do such a good job, it can be dull for the rest of us. In an effort to pass the time, the Russians... Read more
May 17, 2010
Team Astrium graciously hosted an after-work dinner for the entire campaign crew. Using a family recipe, handed down through generations, the Astrium team members guided the competent Russian chefs... Read more
May 5, 2010
With the Main Team arrival, our ranks have gone from 18 to 46 people. After a short 12 hours of preliminary safety briefings, greeting old friends and introductions of future friends, we went out... Read more
May 5, 2010
The BADR-5 Early Team finally arrived in Baikonur. We are getting settled in and ready for our June launch. The next day, the unpacking started with Astrium's EGSE (Electrical Ground Support... Read more
May 5, 2010
Welcome to the fourth ILS Proton launch campaign for 2010 the launch of the BADR-5 satellite for EADS Astrium, ARABSAT and Thales Alenia Space. Follow along with the mission team as they prepare... Read more

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