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May 14, 2013
We have had a successful mission with the ILS Proton M Breeze M rocket, carrying the EUTELSAT 3D satellite built by Thales Alenia Space for Eutelsat Communications. We have had confirmation that the... Read more
May 14, 2013
As the Breeze M upper stage of our ILS Proton M rocket continues its climb into space with the EUTELSAT 3D satellite, we have received confirmation that the 2nd burn of the upper stage occurred and... Read more
May 14, 2013
We have received confirmation of completion of the first burn. The vehicle is now scheduled to be out of range for about an hour, after which we will hear confirmation of the second burn. Read more
May 14, 2013
We had a successful liftoff about 9 minutes ago of our ILS Proton M Breeze M rocket, which is carrying the EUTELSAT 3D satellite. The three stages of the Proton vehicle have performed as planned, and... Read more
May 14, 2013
We have liftoff! of the ILS Proton M Breeze M rocket and the EUTELSAT 3D satellite. Read more
May 8, 2013
We’ve started our second day of Breeze M fueling, squeaking it in right before the big Russian holiday, Victory Day.  It’s less than a week until our launch, and the excitement is... Read more
May 3, 2013
It’s been a busy few days as we wrap up Ascent Unit (AU) operations in Hall 101.  The team signed the payload fairing, and many wrote personal messages to their friends and families at... Read more
April 29, 2013
Joint operations have started!  What a day it was yesterday.  All of the teams brought their “A” game, and worked very well together.  What was expected to be a late night... Read more
April 27, 2013
The Eutelsat 3D campaign is off and running.  The team has settled into the Cosmodrome nicely, even though the weather has been a bit blustery.  It seems like we’ve breezed through... Read more

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