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October 15, 2010
  We have had a successful mission with the Proton M Breeze M rocket, carrying the XM-5 satellite built by Space Systems/ Loral. We have had confirmation that the satellite separated from... Read more
October 14, 2010
We have confirmed that the Breeze M upper stage has successfully completed its 3rd burn and 4th burn, as well as jettisoning its additional propellant tank. The vehicle is now in a 5-hour coast... Read more
October 14, 2010
As the Breeze M upper stage of our Proton M rocket continues its climb into space with the XM-5 satellite, we have received confirmation that the 2nd burn of the upper stage occurred and shut down... Read more
October 14, 2010
We have received confirmation of completion of the first burn. The vehicle is now scheduled to be out of range for about an hour, after which we will hear confirmation of the second burn. Read more
October 14, 2010
We have liftoff! of the Proton M Breeze M rocket and the XM-5 satellite. Read more
October 12, 2010
The last few days have been busy at Baikonur. The mating and testing of the Integrated Launch Vehicle (ILV) is complete. The Breeze M has been fueled and, at 06:30 sharp on Monday morning, the ILV... Read more
September 30, 2010
No, it is certainly not all work out here in Baikonur.  As you may have noticed, we are still taking advantage of the nice weather by BBQ’ing as often as we can.  But with the sun... Read more
September 29, 2010
The SS/ Loral Propulsion Team completed their fuel and oxidizer loading operations over the weekend in a very efficient manner. They were all back at the hotel before the rest of us even had time... Read more
September 15, 2010
The Sirius XM-5 spacecraft arrived on a beautiful Sunday morning. The offload was completed in near record time and the train carrying the spacecraft arrived to 92A-50 at 20:30. After a long day of... Read more
September 11, 2010
All of the teams have assembled in Baikonur. The early team arrived on Wednesday to open the facility after its first shut-down in over a year. The team from SS / Loral arrived on Friday, just in... Read more

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