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BBQ Celebration

March 14, 2013 12:25 pm (GMT)
ILS Launch Team

Following the successful restart of the launch campaign and completion of fueling of the Satmex 8 spacecraft, SSL put on a large BBQ at the Cosmos for the team. Everyone was able to enjoy ribs, tri-tip and the first warm days of the year as spring starts to creep up on Baikonur. The day following the BBQ we had some downtime, which members of the team took advantage of to go to Baikonur town, or just relax for a few hours in the hotels.

We’re entering the busy period of joint operations now, as the spacecraft and launch vehicle are integrated and prepared for launch over the next few weeks. It’ll make for some long days, but the hard work will pay off when we have a successful launch and complete the campaign.

Satmex 8 BBQSatmex 8 team at BBQ

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