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Proton Medium to Launch Multiple Missions Beginning in 2019

March 14, 2018 9:28 am (GMT)
ILS Communications Team

Customers asked and we responded. With the availability of the Proton Medium vehicle to serve the 3.5-6 metric ton medium class satellite market, operators have a shining star in today’s competitive launch market. Combined with the availability of the 4.35 or the larger 5.2 meter payload fairing for both the Proton Breeze M and the Proton Medium, ILS is addressing the flexibility that operators need. We offer a great ride to space as a single payload, shared payloads or constellations. And, we have the flexibility to efficiently address a wide range ofmissions from microsats to mega sats of nearly 7 metric tons. With Proton Medium, customers get the benefit of flight proven hardware-- since it is derived from the heritage Proton Breeze M vehicle. The primary difference in the Proton Medium from the Breeze M is the removal of third stage of the heritage vehicle and replacing it with an interstage structure. This elegant design allows us to maintain the flight-qualified systems and minimizes the need modify the existing ground infrastructure.

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