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Volleyball and Taco Night

June 5, 2009 1:56 pm (GMT)
ILS Launch Team

Thursday night featured a duo of events for the Launch Team: an international friendly volleyball game (SS/Loral versus Khrunichev) and an international cuisine. The report has come back that the Russians narrowly defeated the Americans in a tightly fought battle. Unfortunately there is no photographic record of this match, as there arose some unexpected camera difficulties. A rematch will take place sometime in the near future, as our colleagues from DB Salyut and ZERKT arrive this weekend and will be able to supplement the Khrunichev squad. As Loral and Khrunichev were battling it out on the volleyball court, ILS was cooking up a storm at the Polyot kitchen in preparation for burrito night in appreciation of all of our Pinkerton guards. Burrito night was a resounding success and everyone’s stomach wished that the food was not quite so good, since more than one person left the table with an over-full belly.

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