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Y1B | “I don’t know why you say Good-bye, I say hello”

March 29, 2012 12:00 am (GMT)
ILS Launch Team

Although overlapping campaigns can be stressful, it also has its benefits.  While working on the IS-22 and Y1B programs, the ILS IS-22 Mission Team (Team Palme) and the ILS Y1B Mission Team (Team Prytula) were successful at handling the immense pressure of the overlap and did so with grace and poise.  A little “going away” party developed the night before Team Palme headed out of Baikonur after the successful launch of IS-22.  The gathering was not only a way to say farewell to Team Palme, but was also a way to welcome Team Prytula to the start of the Y1B campaign.

IS-22 and Y1B Teams

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