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ILS at SATCON 2015

November 12, 2015

ILS was featured at SATCON 2015 on Thursday, November 12, appearing on the launch and manufacturing panel, “Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Innovations” at the Jacob Javitz Center, New York City, New York. SATCON 2015 is one of the leading events in the U.S. for satellite communications and content delivery.

The focus of this year’s panel was the evolving satellite manufacturing and launch sectors, with new entrants and established players alike enhancing and diversifying their capabilities. With an emphasis on new launch vehicles and technologies, ILS Vice President of Sales, Tom Carroll, provided an overview of the Angara 1.2 vehicle, commercially offered by ILS.

The Angara 1.2 vehicle, is designed to address the smaller satellite market (up to 3 MT). Carroll stated that Angara 1.2 has a higher lift capability than other small launch vehicles, so it can lift more mass, and can be sold at a significantly lower price. These characteristics place Angara in a very competitive place in the LEO market.

With Proton and Angara in the commercial launch market, the entire range of spacecraft masses can be addressed. The Proton vehicle will be in service for at least the next ten years, with Angara entering the market within the 2018 timeframe, launching from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, in Northern Russia.

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