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June 30, 2016
Kirk Pysher, ILS President

International Launch Services (ILS) President, Kirk Pysher, took part in a panel discussion with fellow launch executives in Santander, Spain on June 30th.  The panel, moderated by Hispasat’s Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer, Mr. Jordi Bosom, focused on competition in the launch market, new technologies and the emerging growth of small satellites.

As far as new technologies offered by ILS, Pysher said ILS is bringing the Angara 1.2 small launch vehicle to the commercial market beginning in 2018. Angara 1.2 has the highest performance capability in the small launch vehicle class and can launch up to 3 metric tons to LEO at very attractive price point. Khrunichev and ILS have also assessed the competitive landscape, addressing satellites between 3,000 kg and 7,000 kg to GTO and 2,600 to 3,600 kg to GSO utilizing Proton technology and heritage.  The lighter range offering would be available to serve the small sat market before Angara 1.2 fully comes online.


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