To help our customers understand the capabilities of our launch system and prepare for a launch campaign, ILS publishes the Proton Launch System Mission Planner’s Guide.

This document is intended to serve as a general reference to the capabilities of ILS launch services and is not intended to be exhaustive. It is not a contractual definition of launch service capabilities and has been cleared by the U.S. Government for placement in the public domain. Approval documentation is on file at ILS headquarters.

This guide contains valuable information on the Proton launch vehicle performance capability, payload environments, payload interfaces, mission integration process summaries, launch operations, and basic management data.

Proton Launch System Mission Planner’s Guide

Revision 7, July 2009

View complete Guide with acrobat pdf reader (19mb)

Cover Page (4.43mb PDF)

Foreword (245kb PDF)

1. Introduction (1.82mb PDF)

2. LV Performance 1.03mb PDF)

3. Spacecraft Environments (840kb PDF)

4. Spacecraft Interfaces (953kb PDF)

5. Mission Integration and Management (287kb PDF)

6. Spacecraft and Launch Facilities (1.23mb PDF)

7. Launch Campaign (379kb PDF)

A. Proton Launch System Description and History (313kb PDF)

B. Quality Management System (81kb PDF)

C. Requirements for Customer-Supplied Data (221kb PDF)

D. Adapter Systems (1.4mb PDF)

E. Proton Launch System Options and Enhancements (366kb PDF)

F. Proton Launch System Options and Enhancements (1.6mb PDF)


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