Our Team

  • Jim Kramer

    Jim Kramer

    CTO and Vice President of Sales
    Jim Kramer

    Jim Kramer

    CTO and Vice President of Sales

    Kramer has 30 years of career experience in launch vehicle design, program management, business development, commercial and government sales. He is responsible for re-establishing customer and insurance community trust and confidence in Proton launch services by improving reliability, insight and oversight.

  • John Palmé

    John Palmé

    COO & Vice President — Programs and Operations

    John Palmé

    COO & Vice President — Programs and Operations

    Palmé has 20 years of experience in spacecraft and launch vehicle design, integration, test, launch and operations. For more than a decade, Palmé has overseen the reliability and quality programs and the integration and launch of commercial spacecraft on the ILS Proton launch vehicle.

  • Joe Acheson

    Joe Acheson

    CFO & Vice President
    Joe Acheson

    Joe Acheson

    CFO & Vice President

    Acheson had a high-profile role in executing both Lockheed Martin divestiture of ILS to Space Transport Inc. and Khrunichev purchase of ILS from Space Transport Inc. He enjoys sports and is a fan of the Washington Redskins and Atlanta Braves.

  • Erin Weber

    Erin Weber

    Acting General Counsel
    Erin Weber

    Erin Weber

    Acting General Counsel

    Erin has over 10 years of legal and transactional experience in the satellite, launch and technology industries. Previously, Erin held positions as Corporate Counsel at Cognizant Technology Solutions, and as an Associate with the Space and Satellite practice of Hogan Lovells US LLP. Erin is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Cambridge.



ILS creates value for our Customers by providing dependable access to space through proven and innovative launch solutions.


International Launch Services (ILS) offers a complete array of services and support, from contract signing through mission management and on-orbit delivery.

ILS exclusively owns worldwide commercial and civil sales, and mission management of satellite launches using the following launch vehicles:

·      Proton Breeze M

·      Angara 1.2

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ILS provides a comprehensive set of launch services for global satellite operators. These include:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Mission Management
  • Launch operations
  • On-orbit delivery
  • Legal
  • Licensing
  • Technical translation

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Created in 1995, ILS has played a pivotal role in the history of rocketry and satellite launches – we’ve worked with more than 45 companies in 22 countries, launching more than 400 missions.

Not only have we set the standard for Russian-American space cooperation, we’ve had unparalled success in the industry due to our core values:

·      Reliable: offering quality, heritage systems that are vertically integrated

·      Dedicated: customer focused; steady production and launch rates

·      Stable: sustainable business model spanning more than 20 years

·      Flexible: demonstrated ability to meet customers’ changing needs

·      Competitive: in services, price, terms and conditions

Key Dates:

  • 6 June: First successful flight of Breeze M with Proton K
  • 20 November: Federal Proton launch of Zarya, the first component of the International Space Station
  • 16 July: First launch of Proton

ILS is a subsidiary of the Khrunichev Space Center (Khrunichev), a longstanding leader in the advancement of space programs.

Founded in 1916 and headquartered in Moscow, Khrunichev’s varied product lines include launch vehicles and launch vehicle upper stages, communication and earth observation satellites, rocket engines and space station modules.

We are dedicated to the success of your mission – Launch with ILS!


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For the latest news and information, or if you have a question, please email ILS at contactus@ilslaunch.com