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Russian Military Satellite

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Russian Federal Proton

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AsiaSat 9

Vehicle: Proton M/Breeze M Twitter Tag: #AsiaSat9 The Satellite Satellite Name: AsiaSat 9 Satellite Operator: AsiaSat Satellite Manufacturer: SSL Purpose: AsiaSat 9 is AsiaSat’s most powerful satellite designed with enhanced performance, higher efficiency and greater flexibility for DTH, video distribution, VSAT broadband and mobility services. AsiaSat 9 is a replacement satellite for AsiaSat 4 at 122°E with 28 C-band and 32 Ku-band transponders, and a regional Ka-band payload. It carries the world’s first dedicated Ku-band Myanmar beam, new Ku-band beams for Indonesia and Mongolia, in addition to two enhanced Ku-band beams serving Australasia and East Asia and a wider high-power…

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Amazonas 5

Vehicle: Proton Breeze M Twitter Tag: #Amazonas5 The Satellite Satellite Name: Amazonas 5 Satellite Operator: HISPASAT Satellite Manufacturer: SSL Purpose: Will provide broadband service in South America, Central America and Mexico Platform: SSL 1300 Separated Mass: 5900 kg Satellite Design Life: 15 years Highlights 2nd ILS Proton Launch of 2017 95th ILS Proton Launch Overall 2nd HISPASAT Satellite Launched on ILS Proton 30th SSL Satellite Launched on ILS Proton Launch Resources Mission Overview Media Advisory Broadcast Mission Success

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