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Executive Bios


ILS Executives


Kirk Pysher

Pysher has 30 years of experience in the space industry. He received a Masters and Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Penn State University and obtained a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate from Purdue University. Follow Pysher on Twitter @KirkPysher. For more on his background, visit his LinkedIn page.


Jim Kramer
Vice President Engineering and Mission Assurance

Kramer has 30 years of career experience in launch vehicle design, program management, business development, commercial and government sales. He is responsible for re-establishing customer and insurance community trust and confidence in Proton launch services by improving reliability, insight and oversight. Kramer’s LinkedIn profile.

John Palme VP and CTO
John Palmé
COO & Vice President — Programs and Operations

Palmé has 20 years of experience in spacecraft and launch vehicle design, integration, test, launch and operations. For more than a decade, Palmé has overseen the reliability and quality programs and the integration and launch of commercial spacecraft on the ILS Proton launch vehicle. Follow Palmé on Twitter @JohnPalme and visit his LinkedIn page.

Joe Acheson CFO
Joe Acheson
CFO & Vice President

Acheson had a high-profile role in executing both Lockheed Martin divestiture of ILS to Space Transport Inc. and Khrunichev purchase of ILS from Space Transport Inc. He enjoys sports and is a fan of the Washington Redskins and Atlanta Braves. Acheson’s LinkedIn profile.


Peter Stier
Vice President Sales

A veteran of the space industry for over 20 years, Stier has significant expertise in coordinating and executing business development strategies for commercial launch and telecommunications services and technology businesses. He has extensive business development, sales and marketing experience in Asia, EMEA, Russia, Brazil, India, Norway, Ukraine and Americas. Stier’s Linkedin profile.


Kile Thompson
Acting General Counsel

Thompson provides legal counsel to all ILS business functions including compliance, contracts, sales and marketing, HR, and finance. He drafts and negotiates multi-million dollar master service agreements, and manages all legal aspects of ILS’s legal and regulatory compliance programs. Thompson’s LinkedIn profile.





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