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March 16, 2010
After a couple of days of fueling it’s time to start the mating process. It takes several different teams to get through the next set of critical activities. So we started with a... Read more
March 8, 2010
So far, all of the SC standalone operations and testing for the EchoStar XIV campaign have been nominal. This week's SC fueling operation was no exception… uneventful! In... Read more
February 26, 2010
For the first few weeks of the launch campaign, a planning meeting begins each morning promptly at 09:30. Representatives from EchoStar, ILS, SS/L, Khrunichev, Zerkt, DB Salyut, Khrunichev Telecom... Read more
February 26, 2010
[img][/img] [img][/img] [img]http://www.ilslaunch.... Read more
February 19, 2010
The EchoStar XIV launch campaign is off to a good start. The 54" of snow in Washington, DC could not stop the team from arriving in Baikonur on schedule. Several participants from both ILS and... Read more
February 18, 2010
Welcome to the second ILS Proton launch campaign for 2010 – the launch of the Space Systems/Loral-built, EchoStar XIV satellite for EchoStar and Dish Network. Follow along with... Read more

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