No, it is certainly not all work out here in Baikonur.  As you may have noticed, we are still taking advantage of the nice weather by BBQ’ing as often as we can.  But with the sun going down earlier every day, there are still a couple of hours for everyone to try and stay sharp at their favorite summertime sports.  Though there seems to be daily volleyball and basketball games interspersed with some football every now and again, we have also had a few other special events in the evenings.  The Loral wiffle ball world series was quite the spectacle.  For those more adept at accuracy, we have installed a horse shoe pit, not that anyone was THAT accurate.  And the evening breezes are perfect for kite flying, and there is also a two mile bike route for those seeking more strenuous activity.

To date, the main event has to have been the closest to the pin tournament that was held during one of the recent BBQ’s.  Our one hole golf course, with the world’s largest sand trap, proved a challenge to all competitor’s.  And while the defending champion was dethroned, no one is choosing to retire from their present careers to join the PGA Tour.


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