Working at a launch site away from friends and loved ones back home can be difficult at times, but we know that the Anik G1 team is its own little family. Since we have been here we have had the great fortune to celebrate not just St. Patrick’s Day, but Easter (western holiday timeframe) together as well.

On St. Paddy’s day most of us expatriates wore green and/or tried to teach our Russian hosts the tradition. Needless to say, we were met with a lot of “Green? Why?” smiley On Easter we were treated to a visit from the Easter Bunny wearing a sombrero, and this was not the only highlight of the day; we also had an awesome Mexican feast/barbecue hosted by our SSL friends! Everyone had a great time, as we enjoyed all of the wonderful “comfort food”, some great music and a lot of laughs.

Not to be outdone the following week, the ILS team rolled up their sleeves, headed to the kitchen and prepared an authentic Indian feast. We might not have been able to source all the right ingredients, but with a little bit of creativity – a pinch here, and a pinch there –  in the end, everyone said it was delicious and just like back home (well, kind of!).

Enjoying Food and Friends

Easter Bunny


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