It has been an exciting weekend at the launch base. We were rewarded with the arrival of the avocados, brought in from Moscow by a team member a half an hour before we started serving. As well as recognizing our wonderful support staff, “Mexican Night” was also a celebration of the birthdays of three of our Pinkerton staff members and ILS’s own Mission Manager. The food was wonderful; thank you to everyone who helped cook! The weekend continued with the first day of spacecraft prop load. Which was completed by mid-afternoon on Sunday. Monday was used to change the configuration from oxidizer to fuel loading, which commenced today. With today being the second day of spacecraft fueling, we are coming to the end of standalone operations. As of today, the first day of September, the spacecraft is fully fueled, the Breeze M has made its long trek to area 31 for high pressure tank fueling, and our colleagues needed for combined operations arrive today in preparation for the beginning of combined operations on Friday. We will be welcoming the new arrivals and celebrating the end of fueling operations with yet another barbeque.

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