[b]Breeze M Arrival[/b] Shipped via Antonov direct from Moscow to Yubileiny airfield our Breeze M was transferred on to a flat bed semi-tractor trailer, strapped down and took a slow, methodical ride to our processing facility 92A-50 on 15 July 2009. Upon arrival, the Breeze M was unpacked in Hall 101 and placed on its stand. During stand alone operations KhSC personnel are preparing the Breeze M for mating with the PLA and SC. [b]Standalone Operations[/b] The SS/Loral SC contractor has been busy testing the AsiaSat5 SC in what is known as stand-alone operations. This is the time in the beginning of the launch campaign when the SC contractors work alone to test and verify the SC is ready, load propellants and configure the SC for launch. After all these steps are done and the SC is ready to go for launch, we start “joint operations” where the SC is integrated with the Proton LV. Right now, they are in the process of verifying that the SC is ready before we proceed to the next step: loading propellants into the tanks inside the SC. In parallel, the SC propellant loading team has been busy with all their checkouts preparations.

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