from Khrunichev press release

BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, August 24, 2010 —The Breeze M upper stage (US) – which will be used as a forth stage on a Proton M space rocket to insert into orbit the Sirius XM-5 satellite – was delivered today to Baikonur Launch Base (Cosmodrome) on a Russian AN-124-100 ‘Ruslan’ transport aircraft of Polet Airlines.

Pre-launch processing of the Breeze M is scheduled to begin over the next several days. These processing activities include: the Breeze M stand alone testing at integration and test facility “MIK” 92-A50; the Breeze M transfer from “MIK” to US fuelling station for its high pressure loading (i.e. the first stage of US loading operation); the Breeze M/Sirius XM-5 mating and integration into Space Head Unit of the Proton-M Space Launch Vehicle; the Breese M low pressure tanks loading with propellants and oxidizer, after SC/Breeze M assembly with the Proton rocket (i.e. the second stage of US fuelling operations); operations with the Breeze M after the rocket erection onto Launch Pad.

The Proton rocket assembly is already under way at “MIK”. The activities to prepare the Proton rocket and the Breeze M for launch are being carried out by Khrunichev in cooperation with other Roscosmos entities.

The Sirius XM-5 launch is scheduled for October.

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