Khrunichev News Release

Earlier today, the Breeze M upper stage designated for the Proton launcher that will be used to loft  the Russian Yamal 401 satellite was delivered to Baikonur onboard of a cargo plane. Yamal 401  is scheduled for launch in December.
The Yamal 401 spacecraft was built for the Russian satellite operator, Gazprom Space Systems, by Russian spacecraft manufacturer ISS Reshetnev, using certain payload and platform components supplied by Thales Alenia Space.
Yamal 401, a new satellite for the Gazprom Space Systems’ orbital constellation, is designed to provide continuous communications and TV retransmission services over Europe and Asia.
Proton, a heavy-lift launch vehicle, is designed and mass produced by the Khrunichev Space Center.
The Proton launch services for the Yamal 401 mission were contracted by International Launch Services Inc. (ILS), subsidiary of Khrunichev with the exclusive rights to market the Proton and future Angara launch vehicles to commercial operators worldwide.






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