[b]1 Nov –[/b] With the SC and PLA fitcheck confirmed successful, the KhSC team focused on Breeze-M testing for preparation to transfer to area 31 for high pressure loading (helium and propellants). After loading operations completed, the Breeze-M was transferred back to Hall 103A on 2 Nov for nominal testing. The TAS team work to prepare the SC for weighing and propellant loading operations. [b]3 to 5 Nov –[/b] The SC was authorized for fueling operations on 2 Nov. On 3 Nov MON load, 4 Nov a reconfiguration day and 5 Nov MMH load. All operations completed successfully. KhSC continued testing of the Launch Vehicle in Hall 111. In Hall 101, final closeout on the PLF and PLA and testing on the Breeze-M. [b]6 Nov –[/b] SC loading operations completed nominally yesterday. TAS worked on SC finalizations prior to joint ops and KhSC prepared the PLA and Breeze-M for mating. [b]9 Nov –[/b] Launch Vehicle is in Hall 111 completing final electrical operations. The Breeze-M final testing and transfer to tilter also occurred today. SC arming and final inspections prior to moving in Hall 103A for mating. In parallel, TAS continued their loading equipment decontamination. [b]11 Nov –[/b] Launch Vehicle final preparation in Hall 111. In Hall 101 joint operations began with the SC mating on PLA and SC/PLA mating on Breeze M. Both TAS and KhSC worked after the mating on electrical checkouts. [b]12 Nov -[/b] Joint operations continue in Hall 101. The newly assembled Orbital Unit tilted horizontal, and the fairing installation began. [b]14 Nov -[/b] Fairing finalization with logo placement and fairing sealing. The now encapsulated Ascent Unit will complete electrical testing in preparation for the transfer to Hall 111. [b]15-16 Nov –[/b] The Ascent Unit transfer to Hall 111 was successful. Mating to the Launch vehicle was nominal and SC checkouts began. After all SC checks completed, KhSC began the Integrated Launch Vehicle testing. In parallel, TAS continues SC GSE packing for return to Cannes post launch.


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