[b]Early Team Arrival[/b] – “You say goodbye, and I say hello” Greetings and welcome to the DTV 12 Launch Campaign blog, brought to you by the intrepid launch team spending the last 6 weeks of the year in Baikonur to launch the DIRECTV 12 SC to bring even more services to the DIRECTV customers. The early team arrived on 25 November in Baikonur, after getting to spend an extra 24 hours in Moscow. Most of the team took advantage of this and made tours of the Kremlin and Red Square. We even saw Napoleon Bonaparte, Lenin, and Stalin outside Red Square, though they wanted us to pay them to take a picture of them and I saw one using a cell phone, so I’m pretty sure they were not the originals. We bid a passing hello and goodbye to the W7 launch team after their successful launch as we passed them at Yubeleiney airport and settled into our hotel rooms. Weather is a little colder than the Southern Californians are used to on a regular basis, but everyone seems to be adjusting well. [b]Main Team and SC arrival[/b] – “Working for the weekend” While most of our families celebrated Thanksgiving, the DTV 12 launch team kicked off the campaign with our first joint meeting with our KhSC hosts, and preparations for the SC and GSE arrival. On the 26th, we were joined by the Boeing Main Team charter, who had to delay their arrival by a few hours due to heavy fog in the morning here. Bleary eyed is an understatement, as they experienced a 14 hour time change in a little over 36 hours. On 27 November, the DIRECTV 12 SC arrived and was offloaded at the airport and transported to it’s new home for the next few weeks in Building 92A-50. With the arrival of the SC, we received our personal goods, including our “fixin’s” for our belated Thanksgiving dinner, which will be held in a few days. Don’t tell any of us who won the games!

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