16 Oct the early team arrived to Area 95 for office setup and to accept the SC processing halls. Main team landed on 19 Oct, allowing the team a few hours of sleep before the Antonov carrying the W7 SC arrived at Yubileiny on 20 Oct. To watch the successful orchestration of the offload appear effortless by our KhSC and ZERKT colleagues is an understatement. Once the SC container was lifted onto the railcar, the thermal control car was connected, and personnel responsible for monitoring the transportation were in place the train was authorized to depart for 92A-50. Before the end of the night, a small team gathered in Hall 101 and 102 to work for offloading the SC container and ground support equipment into Hall 101. 21 Oct the SC container was opened, inspected and then lifted onto the transportation dolly. The SC rolled into 103A to begin health checks. In parallel, KhSC worked to prepare the first, second and third stages of the launch vehicle for mating, which is scheduled to occur on 23 Oct. The payload fairing halves are being cleaned in Hall 101 and the payload adapter, separation system and Breeze-M, currently in Moscow, are to arrive in Baikonur before month end.


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