We had optimal start to our Intelsat 31 campaign in Moscow…team members were bright eyed and bushy tailed for our 0730 hotel pickup.  Sufficiently full from a delish breakfast, luggage stowed, the bus drivers made short work of the journey to Domodevedeo airport to catch our charter.  We were all pleasantly surprised to have barely any traffic on the road…it definitely helps that it was a) early and b) a Saturday morning.

Our next wonderful surprise was our charter being an Airbus A320.  This allowed the team to spread out, have ample room to relax and enjoy the 2 hour 50 minute flight.  We rest when we can.  Our arrival at Krainy Airport was a slightly different story as the delightful spring weather experienced in Moscow was a lot cooler, rainy and windy than previously anticipated during the week.  Seasoned travelers as we all are, warmer clothing was produced from the respective carry-ons as we made the short hop from charter to the terminal.  After clearing immigration, customs, picking up our bags and making a mad dash thru rain to the bus, we started our 40 minute journey to Area 95 and our respective hotels (Fili and Kosmos)…our home for the next 39 days.  We had just enough time to check-in to our rooms, drop our bags and head to the Proton Club for our Arrival Briefing to officially kick off our campaign.

Our initial foundation/preparations have been laid over the past two days, with facility acceptance, preparation for SC arrival, SC off-load planning meetings and daily team tag ups.  We are now, essentially one team working for the common goal of a healthy SC, healthy LV ultimately integrated into one healthy Intelsat 31 rocket.  The team all have a comprehensive grasp of operations that will be performed, ensuring for an productive, cohesive and industrious SC off-load.

Bring on the AN 124 carrying our precious cargo.

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