The following information is adapted from a press release by Khrunichev:

May 14, 2002 — First Federal launch of LV Proton from Baikonur Cosmodrome is scheduled on 10 June 2002. The Express 1AR satellite will be launched into orbit. All operations in preparation of the LV and SC are going on per schedule.

It will be the third lunch this year of LV Proton, manufactured by the Khrunichev Space Center. During two previous launches commercial satellites Intelsat-903 and DIRECTV-5 have been inserted into orbit. Both successful launches have been carried out for the joint venture International Launch Services.

Launch of Express-1AR satellite will be carried out within framework of the Russian Satellite Communication Company (RSCC) on upgrading the Russian satellite constellation.

The program calls for 7 modern communication satellites of a new series Express-A and Express-AM to be launched into GEO in 2002-2007.

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