Khrunichev Press Release

7 April 2015

At Baikonur, ground operations are underway in preparation for the launch of Mexico’s Centenario satellite manufactued by Boeing Satellite Systems. The Centenario launch is scheduled for late April.

The Proton-M and Breeze-M arrived in Baikonur by rail on 2 April. The spacecraft arrived via an Antonov cargo jet the following day.

Currently, standalone operations to process the spacecraft and upper stage are under way at 92-А50 Processing & Testing Facility. The three Proton stages are being processed in parallel.

The contract to orbit Centenario on board the Proton-M was arranged and signed by International Launch Services (ILS) based in Reston, Va., U.S.A.. ILS has the exclusive rights to market the Proton and Angara launch services worldwide. Khrunichev is the majority owner of ILS and the designer and manufacturer of both Proton launch vehicles and Breeze-M Upper Stages, as well the Angara family of vehicles.


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