Hive of Activity

The A2G team is hard at work checking of milestones as they continue progressing forward with campaign operations.  Over the past few days there have been numerous activities taking place both at the processing facility and out at the Launch Pad.  At the facility, the SC has been encapsulated, then transferred via rail car from H101 to H111 and seamlessly joined to the launch vehicle.  We now have an integrated launch vehicle .  Testing of the ILV has been completed successfully!

Meanwhile out at the launch pad a few valiant team members braved the frigid temperatures to off-load and set up equipment down in the vault.  The team members down in the vault who receive the equipment are the lucky ones as they are protected from the wind and cold.  Those above ground on the launch pad deck even though dressed for the occasion move with extreme efficiency to minimize the time they are exposed to Mother Nature.

There is a collective sense of accomplishment when operations go smoothly and testing is completed successfully!


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