RESTON, Va. / Pembroke, Bermuda, June 10, 2009 – International Launch Services (ILS) announces a second contract for two new firm launches and one optional launch for Intelsat of Bermuda, the world’s largest satellite operator. This comes on the heels of the March 23, 2009 announcement for the launch of the Intelsat 16 satellite on an ILS Proton. Contract terms and mission assignments for these awards were not disclosed.

Frank McKenna, President of ILS said, “This award of two firm launches and one optional launch continues the expansion of Proton launch services with Intelsat. Two months ago, we contracted for Intelsat 16 and this new award provides another strong vote of confidence and trust in ILS Proton. Our team is pleased to partner with Intelsat on all of these missions, delivering quality and critical schedule assurance that is integral to the success of their business.”

Ken Lee, Intelsat’s Senior Vice President Space Systems said, “Selecting ILS Proton for additional launches was a logical extension for our business needs. Intelsat depends on the reliability of an on-time, on-orbit launch for each of our satellites to expand our business and serve all of our customers. We look forward to this successful relationship with ILS.”

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