McLEAN, Va., Jan. 6, 2004 — International Launch Services (ILS) wrapped up an outstanding year in 2003, having launched six times, won contracts for 11 new missions and received nine additional assignments for future U.S. government launches.

The six 2003 missions consisted of five launches with various configurations of the Lockheed Martin-built Atlas rocket (NYSE: LMT), and one flight with the Khrunichev-built Proton vehicle using the Breeze M upper stage. ILS, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Russia's Khrunichev, markets the Atlas and Proton vehicles to satellite operators worldwide.

"It was another excellent year," said ILS President Mark Albrecht. "Not only did we have 100 percent success on our launches, but we captured more than 50 percent of the new government and commercial orders in our addressable market. Further, we captured seven of the 16 commercial competitive new orders, more than any other launch service provider. Our team worked hard in a very competitive environment, and it helps when you have the two best vehicles available, with Atlas and Proton."

ILS received contracts for seven commercial Proton launches for customers in the United States, Europe, Asia and Middle East. In addition, NASA ordered an Atlas V vehicle for its Pluto New Horizons mission. The U.S. Air Force authorized three Atlas V missions awarded under the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) program.

Under the EELV program, ILS was originally awarded seven missions. The Air Force assigned three additional missions to ILS this summer, and reassigned seven others to ILS. In December, the Air Force made an additional sole-source award to ILS, for a total of 18 EELV assignments.

Here's how the year stacks up statistically for ILS:

LAUNCHES: 6 out of 6 successful
1 ILS Proton with Breeze M upper stage
2nd commercial launch with Breeze M
5th successful Proton/Breeze M mission overall
Russian government successfully launched 4 Protons for a total of 5 Proton launches in 2003

5 Atlas launches
2 Atlas Vs, one with solid rocket boosters
2 Atlas IIIs
1 Atlas IIAS, last of this model to launch from West Coast
24 launches in 24 months with both vehicles, commercial and government missions together

ORDERS: 52 percent of available business
7 out of 16 competed commercial awards
4 out of 5 U.S. government orders
17 awards over two years, 8 for Proton and 9 for Atlas




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