Congratulations to our customers EUTELSAT 5 West B / Mission Extension Vehicle-1 on the launch of their respective satellites!

Proton now has 18 consecutive successful launches which brings its five year reliability to 95.6%.

Some media coverage of the launch:

SpaceNews: Northrop Grumman’s satellite servicer MEV-1, Eutelsat satellite, launch on ILS Proton

Spaceflight Now: Successful Proton launch deploys Eutelsat satellite, first Mission Extension Vehicle

Via Satellite: ILS Successfully Launches EUTELSAT 5 West B Satellite

Via Satellite: Northrop Grumman Sends the Industry’s First Life-Extension Satellite into Space

NASA Proton rocket ride-share launches Northrop Grumman’s Mission Extension Vehicle

Satnews Daily: International Launch Services Launches EUTELSAT 5 West B Satellite and Mission Extension Vehicle-1


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