WASHINGTON, D.C., March 11, 2020-Today ILS International Launch Services, Inc. (ILS) announces the appointment of Tiphaine Louradour as President. Tiphaine joins ILS with over two decades of Space Industry and management experience, most recently as President of Global Commercial Sales at United Launch Alliance (ULA). Prior to this role, Tiphaine held a number of positions of increasing responsibility in finance, risk management, strategy, commercial sales and marketing and also gained international business experience while serving as a consultant to international consulting firms in the US and Europe.

Tiphaine is joining ILS at a very exciting time. ILS, owned by JSC Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, currently markets the Proton launch vehicle with the new Angara launch vehicle on the horizon. ILS recently received approval from the US State Department to promote commercial launch services on the storied Soyuz launch vehicle. These activities will contribute to the Soyuz launch service offerings by the Russian company GK Launch Services from Russian spaceports (Baikonur and Vostochny). Following an agreement between the two companies on joint cooperation in the launch service market, the objective is to offer customers access to the full range of Proton, Angara and Soyuz launch vehicles. The combined team will continue serving the customer community with the best and most flexible launch solutions.

Another exciting opportunity for ILS is its ability to now offer human spaceflight services on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.  Those flights will be managed by Glavkosmos, which has vast human flight experience. Soyuz has over 300 successful manned missions including dozens of missions bringing astronauts as well as private citizens to the International Space Station. ILS is now open for business to provide safe access to space for private space travelers.

As Ms. Louradour stated “Opportunity for space launch is just now unfolding. It is not only an opportunity for commerce but for continued international cooperation and the associated benefits humanity receives when nations work together.”


About ILS

ILS provides launch services for satellite operators and offers a complete array of services and support, from contract arrangements, mission management and on-orbit delivery. ILS markets the Proton Breeze M and Angara launch services to commercial and government satellite operators worldwide. ILS is a U.S. company headquartered in Reston, VA, near Washington, D.C.

About JSC Khrunichev Space Center

JSC Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center with headquarters located in Fili, Moscow, is one of the core enterprises of the Russian space industry and one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of rocket and space technology. Khrunichev is the major shareholder of ILS International Launch Services, Inc.


JSC GLAVKOSMOS is a subsidiary of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos. The main task of the company is to promote the achievements of the Russian rocket and space industry to world markets and to manage complex international projects. Over the last 35 years the company has successfully fulfilled over 120 international contracts, including the launch of more than 140 spacecraft as a secondary payload.


GK LAUNCH SERVICES, a subsidiary of JSC Glavkosmos, is an operator of Soyuz commercial launches. The company was established by the decision of Roscosmos and is authorized to conclude and implement commercial contracts for the launch of spacecraft using Soyuz-2 family launch vehicles from Russian spaceports.

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