Higher Orbits’s Go For Launch! Loudoun County event was held on October 6 and 8, 2018 at Leesburg Junction, Virginia. ILS COO & Vice President, Programs and Operations, John Palmé participated in the event as a judge. Congratulations to Team Persephone for winning the competition! ILS supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and is always thrilled to partner with Higher Orbits.

“It was an honor to hear the presentations from the students, all of whom were excited at the prospect of their experiments being selected to compete for a chance to actually launch into space. Our future scientists, engineers and hopefully, and astronaut or two made great presentations, and with this kind of energy and talent, our future in space in going to be a bright one,” said Palmé.

Higher Orbits is a non-profit with the mission of promoting STEM, along with leadership, teamwork, and communication through the use of spaceflight.

Mankind’s journey into space serves as an ideal launchpad to excite students of all ages about STEM, STEAM, Leadership and working to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

Higher Orbits uses a variety of programs and partnerships with other organizations to achieve these goals. Visit their website at www.higherorbits.com

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