September 11, 2002

Payload: Hispasat 1D
Geostationary communications satellite
Separated mass: Approx. 7165 lbs (3250 kg)

Launch Vehicle: Atlas IIAS, designated AC-159
Weight at liftoff: 522,455 lbs (236,982 kg), including payload
Fairing: 14 ft (4.2 m) diameter aluminum
Height: 155.5 ft (47.4 m)

Launch Date: Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2002

Launch Window: 38 minutes
6:04-6:42 p.m. EDT
22:04-22:42 GMT

Launch Site: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.
Launch Complex 36A

Customer: Hispasat S.A., Madrid, Spain

Satellite Manufacturer: Alcatel Space Industries, Cannes, France

Launch Vehicle Manufacturer: Atlas vehicle and Centaur upper stage built by Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Denver, Colo.; San Diego, Calif.; and Harlingen, Texas.

Launch Services Provider: International Launch Services, McLean, Va.

Satellite Use: High-powered Ku-band satellite to deliver communications, including multimedia and interactive services, to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

Satellite Statistics:
SpaceBus 3000B2 model
28 Ku-band transponders
15 years expected lifetime

Mission Profile: This mission will use a parking orbit ascent trajectory design with two Centaur burn phases. The vehicle will use both in-flight retargeting and minimum residual shutdown to inject the satellite into the best transfer orbit possible, subject to an apogee cap of 24,838 nmi (46,000 km) at first apogee. The satellite's own attitude and orbital control system will perform a series of burns to lower apogee and raise perigee to geosynchronous altitude and reduce inclination.

Spacecraft Separation: About 29 minutes after liftoff

Orbital Parameters (@Separation):
Apogee Altitude: 23,311-24,863 nm (43,172-46,047 km)
Perigee Altitude: 90 nm (167 km)
Inclination: 19.8-21.5 deg
Flight Azimuth: 97.2 deg

ILS Mission Statistics:
2nd Atlas launch for Hispasat
4th Atlas launch in 2002
7th ILS mission this year
Atlas family has perfect record in 61 consecutive flights

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