The last few days have been busy at Baikonur. The mating and testing of the Integrated Launch Vehicle (ILV) is complete. The Breeze M has been fueled and, at 06:30 sharp on Monday morning, the ILV was rolled out of the Breeze M Fueling Area to make its way to Pad 24.

The ILV reached the pad at about 08:30 and was met by the remaining launch campaign crew. The verticalization of the ILV is always an awesome thing to watch. It was a beautiful day, if a little windy, and everyone got some great pictures.

There are some more busy days ahead of us as we count down the days until launch. Launch rehearsals are well underway, the ILV blessing will be on Thursday, and then we will just be counting down the hours leading up to launch on Thursday afternoon/evening.

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