BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, May 11, 2009 — Integration of the IndoStar II/ ProtoStar II spacecraft with the Proton launch vehicle began and finished last week. The Ascent Unit (spacecraft mated to Breeze M upper stage, encapsulated inside the payload fairing) was successfully mated with its three–stage Proton launcher forming the Integrated Launch Vehicle (ILV). Afterwards, the mission teams conducted a series of successful tests on the ILV components and subsystems.

Next, the ILV was transferred to the fueling station, where the Breeze M low pressure tanks are currently being fueled. Once fuelling is complete, a Russian State Commission meeting will be held to approve rollout and erection. 

Launch is scheduled for 15 May 20:57 EDT, 16 May 06:57 Baikonur, and 16 May 00:57 GMT.

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