Reston, Virginia, November 5, 2012 – John Palmé has been appointed vice president of programs and operations and chief technical officer for International Launch Services (ILS) of Reston, Virginia. For the past four years, Palmé held the role of deputy vice president for mission assurance and program director. Palmé has also overseen the reliability and quality programs and the integration and launch of commercial spacecraft on ILS Proton.

Palmé has over 25 years of experience in spacecraft and launch vehicle design, integration, test, launch and operations. He previously worked with RCA Astro Electronics, General Electric Aerospace (graduating from the Edison Engineering Program), Martin Marietta, Orbcomm Global and Lockheed Martin. Palmé has worked with various types of spacecraft, including communications, remote sensing, earth science and advanced test beds.

Palmé graduated from Villanova University with a BSME in 1988 and MSME in 1991.

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