[img]http://www.ilslaunch.com/assets/Images/Media/Nimiq-4-Blog/pla-nimiq4-blog.jpg[/img] [b]3-4 September[/b] Now Mausoleum, Now You Don’t The propulsion team successfully completed the loading of fuel into the SC. Again, 92A50 was cleared of all non-essential personnel giving the rest of the gang an opportunity to visit Kurkut, a Kazakh mausoleum. [b]5 September[/b] Good Morrow to You Sir Astrium completed SC closeouts and prepped the SC to be mated with the Breeze-M. Astrium also held another party at the Polyot to welcome the mid campaign team and say goodbye to the early team. [b]6 September[/b] The Buddy System This is when the SC is mechanically and electrically mated to the Launch Vehicle hardware. The SC was mated to the adapter system and prepared to mate to the Breeze M, which will happen tomorrow afternoon. [b]7 September[/b] Everything gets Intense Inside the Processing Hall… Phew. Watching the tilter slowly rotate a partially fueled Breeze M with the fueled SC from vertical to horizontal was a little tense. The Gang was able to enjoy another successful joint operation and still have time to find the final golden ticket.

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