MOSCOW, April 24, 2008 – Khrunichev Space Center and its partner International Launch Services today announced a broad-based quality initiative for Khrunichev and all of its subcontractors.  “This will reinforce our dedication to quality across the board, ensure we improve our performance and enhance our position as a leading space company,” said Vladimir Nesterov, Khrunichev General Director.

Key elements of the quality initiative are as follows:

  • Appointment of a Deputy Director General responsible for Quality Control and Management, reporting to the General Director;
  • Incorporation of the new subsidiaries (Khimmash [DBKhM], Voronezh [VMZ] and Polyot) into a unified Khrunichev Quality Management System (QMS);
  • Recertification of the QMS to the latest international quality standards by a certified independent auditor;
  • Continued yearly audits and recertification;
  • Increased Quality Awareness/Excellence Program;
  • Re-evaluation of all factors to improve the launch vehicle design quality; and
  • Enhanced customer visibility into product and process quality.

 “This is a broad-based initiative and not just focused on the specific issues related to the AMC-14 Proton Breeze M failure,” Nesterov said. “The substance of this initiative is demonstrated by the commitment of resources and management attention to implement it.”

“The goal of this effort is to provide high-quality launch systems that our customers can count on for the long run,” said ILS President Frank McKenna.  “We are committed to providing increased visibility to our customers and the insurance community through the establishment of comprehensive processes.”

“The Proton system is the premier launcher for not only the Russian space program but also is a primary launcher for the commercial space-based telecommunications industry,” Nesterov said.  “Proton has more than 40 years of flight history, and this initiative will ensure it will continue successfully for many years to come.”




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