(press release taken from Roscosmos website) credit Roscosmos.

Khrunichev Space Center (KhSC), one of the pillars of the rocket-space industry, celebrated its 21st anniversary on June 7, 2014.

The original factory was initially established in 1916 as an aircraft manufacturer, and during World War II it was actively engaged in mass-production of a dive bomber for the Soviet Air Force. On June 7, 1993 the facility was reorganized as Khrunichev Space Center.

Currently Khrunichev Space Center is responsible for development, mass production and flight operations of military, dual-use and civilian launch vehicles, upper stages, spacecraft, liquid-fluid rocket engines and ground-based infrastructure facilities. KhSC corporate entity unites factories and facilities located in several Russian cities – Moscow, Korolev, Omsk, Voronezh, Perm, Ust-Katava, as well as flight test facilities at Plesetsk and Baikonur cosmodromes. Altogether these companies employ over 43 thousand people.

On an international arena Khrunichev Space Center is very active on a global commercial launch services market, plays an important role in the construction and operations of the International Space Station, contributes to national space programs of several nations and various international space projects. Among KhSC partners and customers are national space agencies, aerospace enterprises and industrial firms representing over 45 countries.


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