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VORONEZH, Russia, Oct. 02, 2008 —Voronezh Mechanical Plant (VMP), a branch of Khrunichev Space Center, celebrated its 80th anniversary Thursday (Oct. 2).

The plant was established in 1928 and initially specialized in the production of diesel engines.  Since then, VMP has become a unique manufacturing complex with full technological capabilities for creation and serial production of liquid rocket engines, aircraft engines, equipment for mining and oil and gas processing industries and other technologies for civilian use.

The Voronezh plant specializes in production of liquid rocket engines in thrust ranges from 3MT to 200MT, and it is the domestic leader in this field.

The engine serial production was initiated in 1957. VMP RD-engines have been used on various space launch vehicles:  Vostok, Soyuz, Soyuz TM, Progress, Proton, space stations Salyut and Mir, and on the unique space complex Energia-Buran.

VMP supplies second- and third-stage engines (RD-0210, RD-0211, RD-0212) for the Khrunichev-manufactured Proton launch vehicle.  It is also working on the production of RD-191 engines for the Angara next-generation launcher that is being developed by Khrunichev .

Voronezh Mechanical Plant joined Khrunichev last year, in accordance with a decree by the President of the Russian Federation on Feb. 3, 2007. This holds great promise for enterprise development, modernization and expanded range of products, and has strengthened its leading position in the field of production of rocket and aircraft engines.

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