[img]http://www.ilslaunch.com/assets/Images/Media/W2A-Blog/erectionblog.jpg[/img] After the teams prepared the Ascent Unit and ground support equipment, KhSC began operations to transfer the signed and sealed AU to Hall 111 to be mated with the Launch Vehicle. After mating, final closeouts began of the newly formed Integrated Launch Vehicle. Once closeouts and systems checks completed successfully, the ILV was lifted onto the erector and moved by rail to the Breeze M fueling station where low pressure fuel and oxidizer loading was completed. At the end of the second day of loading, the State Commission met and authorized the rollout of the ILV to the launch pad. The teams gathered to witness the rollout of the ILV from the Breeze M fueling station to Launch Pad 39 at 06h45 on L-3. Approximately 3 hours later the team reassembled at the Pad to watch the erector lift the ILV into its new vertical position. The ILV was then moved to the MST where it will be tested and finalized for launch. Comprehensive systems testing is completing and the launch rehearsal has started. Preparation for launch activities will keep us busy until the Government Commission meeting concludes tonight with an authorization to launch.

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