ACeS Garuda 1

Vehicle: Proton K/ Block DM

The Satellite


  • 270th Launch for Proton
  • 14th Launch for ILS
  • 1st ILS Launch for ACeS
  • 4th LMCSS Satellite Launched by ILS Proton
  • 1st regional satellite-based mobile telecommunications system specifically designed for the Asian market

Latest News

ILS Launch Of ACeS Garuda 1 Satellite Sets Record “Firsts”

Launch Resources

Final Details of the Launch and Separation

  • Liftoff occurred at 14:10:54 Baikonur time (4:10:54 a.m. USA EST).
  • Nominal separation occurred at 21:50:54 Baikonur time after a 3 burn mission
  • Separation of the ACeS Garuda-1 satellite occured approximately 6 hours, 40 minutes after liftoff.

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