Vehicle: Proton K/ Block DM

The Satellite

  • Satellite Operator: SES ASTRA
  • Satellite Manufacturer: Hughes Space and Communications (Boeing)
  • Purpose: Various Services
  • Platform: HS-601 HP
  • Separated Mass: 3379 kg
  • Satellite Design Life: 15 years


  • 3rd ILS Launch of 1997
  • 4th ILS Proton Launch Overall
  • 2nd ILS Proton Launch for SES
  • 3rd Hughes Satellite Launched on ILS Proton
  • 252nd Proton Launch Overall

Latest News

Proton Successfully Launches ASTRA 1G Comm Satellite

Final Details of the Launch and Separation

  • Liftoff occurred in Baikonur on 03 December at 4:10 a.m (6:10 p.m. EST, Dec. 2)
  • ASTRA 1G will be copositioned 19.2 degrees East longitude, creating the world’s first orbital position offering 120 copositioned transponders.

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