Vehicle: Proton M/Breeze M

Twitter Tag: #ASTRA2G

The Satellite

  •     Satellite Operator: SES
  •     Satellite Manufacturer: Airbus Defence and Space
  •     Purpose: Provide replacement as well as incremental satellite capacity in the orbital
    arc of 28.2/28.5 degrees East
  •     Platform: EU3000
  •     Separated Mass: 6,002 ±20 kg
  •     Satellite Maneuver Lifetime: 15 years


  •     3rd ILS Proton Launch in 2014
  •     24th SES Satellite Launched on ILS Proton
  •     18th Airbus DS Satellite Launched on ILS Proton
  •     87th ILS Proton Launch Overall

Launch Resources

Mission Overview
Media Advisory
Mission Success

  • ASTRA 2G Separation
  • Fifth Burn
  • Fourth Burn
  • APT Jettison
  • Third Burn
  • Second Burn
  • First Burn
  • Stage Separations
  • Liftoff
  • Rollout to Pad 39
  • Breeze M Fueling
  • Begin Joint Operations
  • SC Fuel Loading
  • Breeze M Arrival
  • SC/GSE Arrival
  • Main Team Arrival
  • Early Team Arrival
  • Proton Arrival

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