The standalone operations have quickly drawn to a close. The propellant (prop) team has methodically and flawlessly completed the critical operation of fueling the spacecraft (SC). This milestone also signifies the preparations for joint operations. All SC electrical testing was completed, and final pre-launch closeouts and inspections are underway. The spacecraft was then lifted onto the transporter for the short journey from Hall 103A to Hall 101.

Meanwhile, on the Khrunichev side of things, the Breeze M has returned to Building 92A-50 after a couple of days at area 31 for high pressure fuel loading. It will be installed on the tilt over fixture in preparation for the installation of the SC. The payload adapter sits waiting, as does the separation system.  Our friends from RUAG arrived and are  preparing for installation of the  separation system.  The launch vehicle sits in Hall 111 undergoing its final preparations and the payload fairing is ready for installation as well.  

And in concurrence with launch campaign tradition, the prop load was followed by a gathering of all the propellant specialists from both teams for a post load celebration BBQ.

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